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Distribution Manager / Bound Book


Creative Business Services "DISTRIBUTION MANAGER" software provides for an automated order entry and shipping process for the distribution of goods, including firearms and accessories. When combined with the "BOUNDBOOK" module, the DM software asks you for the serial number of the firearm being shipped. Once entered, it creates a boundbook disposition record automatically, including all of the information that is needed by the BATF! This saves hundreds of man hours of work over having to collect and fill out the information into a manual bound book! In addition, the BB inquiry feature allows you to easily look up information when the BATF sends you inquiries. BATF inspections become much easier with the BB module in place. Reports are uniform without typing mistakes, incorrect addresses, and FFL numbers. If you can get the item number, gauge, action, model, and mfg correct the first time, it will always be correct! Same with FFL holder's name and address and FFL number.

Another aspect of the DM with BoundBook, is that the system will not allow shipment of a Bound item to a non-FFL holder or one with an expired date! A warning prohibits the shipping process and gives you time to call your customer and get the updated FFL number and new expiration date. We also allow you to have a different bill to and ship to, as is common when shipping to transfer agents. Only the ship to goes into the BB record!

As far as inventory control is concerned, having a physical inventory sheet for all of the stock items in BoundBook, including every serial number in order, is a time saver indeed! It is easy to pull the inventory and check the numbers off the paper as you handle the items. You may also print a trigger tag including the part number, description, and serial number. This further reduces typing errors. A special program is present to allow you to re-id a reciever or frame to a firearm once production occurs. This is used in both manufacturing and modifications where alternate furniture is selected for the firearm. Bin locations are also stored by serial number for inventory control if needed.

When compared to hand writing a manual bound book with all it's work, or doing a freeform electronic version, your results are going to be difficult to find meaning. The use of customer, vendor, and inventory files assures you that the same information comes up uniformly every time. This allows for perfect spreadsheet reporting and sorting!

The DM software allows you to enter order and create customer bill to and ship to records. With the addition of our webcatalog software, it is possible to have web orders automatically entered into the DM order entry system. Once an order is placed online, an acknowledgment is sent to customer. Optionally, you can send them another email when order is entered and again when shipping is complete. This process also interfaces with UPS and FEDEX to auto print shipping labels and report freight to screen prior to shipping item. Your customer is sent an email with tracking number and link to tracking page! This saves you hours answering the phone to give out this information! Customer receives a laser-printed packing slip and invoice with serial numbers. They are also sent an email shipment acknowledgment. This not only makes the customer extremely happy with the experience, but also makes them more likely of repeat and /or referal business!

Once your orders are completed and posted, you will be able to look up a customer and see their sales history, order number, price paid, payment amount and type, tracking number, and shipping charges. Inventory quantities will be kept in real time. As new items are received, you may enter the items in from a purchase order receipt, which also updates both the bound book and the inventory quantity on hand.

In summary, if you want a clean and uniform electronic bound book to save you time and money, this is for you. If you want software to create picking tickets, packing slips, and invoices, with updates to bound book, customer, and inventory files, this is the one for you! Call now 1-636-227-5190 or send us an email.